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My chilli plant is about 40cm tall with quite a few flowers on it, and one chilli in progress. However, my flowers are dieing and falling off (i know they’re meant to do this) but the stalk is falling off too so the chilli can’t grow :-( Why is this? Am I overwatering? Not watering enough? I’ve lost about six stalks which could have been prospective chillis. What am I doing wrong???

CHILLI PLANTS Chilli plant flowers keep falling off?

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  1. sciencegravy

    If you live anywhere near the heat wave area, you’re not doing anything wrong, it’s just too hot for them to set fruit. Night temps above 75 tend to cause blossom drop, and high temps during the day can make the pollen sterile.

    Just have patience. When the weather breaks, you start seeing fruits.

    CHILLI PLANTS Chilli plant flowers keep falling off?
  2. fluffernut

    Maybe nothing. Could be the plants are infected with a disease. Common in chilis, peppers, tomatoes. Fusarium or Verticillium are two common diseases. Chile wilt is another. Soils carry some of the diseases, others come from insects such as leafhoppers which infect the plants when they feed on the leaves.

    You didn’t say if they are in a pot. . . . . . . hard to grow in a pot as watering is tricky. . . . . . or in the ground and climate. Chiles like hot climates, evenly wet, not sodden soil. . . . even a bit drying between watering isn’t bad.

    CHILLI PLANTS Chilli plant flowers keep falling off?

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